Monday, 18 October 2010

The big move...Quick recap!

Hello friends and family goers=)
As you all may know I have recently removed myself from family shelter and thrown myself into the deep end... (metaphorically speaking).  On Saturday the 26th I was on my way to London on the National Express, firstly to stay with my cousin Sarah in Kent. The daily commute to London was a nightmare-due to the 05.50am wake ups...but the company was "lush".
The first week comprised of relentless house hunting, disappointment, and the hustle and bustle of London life.

Finally by the 7th of October I found myself a place to settle for the next 8 months... Now it may be shabby, scary, not aesthetically pleasing, grubby, basically the kind of place you try not to make eye contact with.... I'm sure you all get the picture=). I managed to make my room look a little homely, with the help of my mother and her superb taste of interior decor...
What beautiful attention to detail=)

That pretty much summerises the move, I will post another blog shortly to primarily keep you up to speed with university. Thanks for reading me=)
P.S. Aunty Christine will especially appreciate the fabric design=)